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Tire Tag – English

A sequence-based speed game

Age group: K-8

Number of students recommended: 20

Subjects/skills learned: Spelling and vocabulary

Object of the game: To individually spell words correctly and quickly by moving through the playground

Setup: Using chalk, write the letters of the alphabet in order on the tires, leaving one letter off (we would suggest the letters ‘x’ or ‘q’).

Game Play: All students line up in one line, next to the teacher. The teacher yells out a word (“orange,” for example) and the first student spells out the word in order by tagging the tires in order, as quickly as possible (“O” “R” “A” “N” “G” “E”), while announcing the letters. Once the student has spelled out the word correctly, they go back to the end of the line. The teacher asks the following student to spell a new word.

Game Conclusion: Once all the students have had a turn spelling a word.

Examples: The teacher yells out “purple” and the student must spell “P” “U” “R” “P” “L” “E” by tagging the correctly lettered tires in sequence.

Tips and Variations:

  • Ask a student to spell a word of their choosing starting with a letter you give them (for example, ask a student to spell out a word starting with the letter ‘a’, then the student must spell out a word such as “A” “P” “P” “L” “E” )
  • To make the game more competitive, use this structure like a spelling bee – if a student gets it wrong they sit out and you go to the last student is standing.
  • For pre-school children, ask the students to locate the letter versus spelling a word (for example, ask a student to find the letter “D” and the student must run and tag the letter “D”).