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Super Tire Tag – Math

A 2-team race to find equations in sequence

Age group: K-8

Number of students recommended: 20

Subjects/skills learned: Addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions, etc.

Object of the game: To individually create mathematical equations that equal the answer called out by the teacher, and to do so faster than a member of the opposing team.

Setup: On both sides of each of the five tires in the center row, write math functions (+,-,x, etc). On either side of that center row, there will be ten tires (two rows on each side). For each set of ten tires (one set on the left of the center row, one set on the right of the center row), write the same 10 numbers). Divide the class into two teams, and have each team line up, each on one side of the playground facing a set of 10 tires (2 rows).

Game Play: The teacher will call out a number (20, for example), and one student from each team/side must create a math equations that equals that number (the student tags “10” the function “x” and “2”) and yell out the numbers as they go. The first student to answer the question correctly wins that round and goes to the back of the line. The student who didn’t get it correctly, sits out.

Game Conclusion: The team with the last student standing wins!

Examples: The teacher yells out “13” and the students must create an equation by touching “3” + “10.”

Tips and Variations:

  • Instead of having students sit out if they do not win a round, have the students who win sit out, leaving students in the game until they win a round.