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Story Telephone

Telling a story as a team

Age group: K-8

Number of students recommended: 25

Subjects/skills learned: General, Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar, Literature,

Object of the game: Working as a class to created a comprehensive story.

Setup: No set up.

Game Play: Ask each of the students to sit on a tire. Starting at one end, each student makes up a sentence for a story (for example, “My dog went to the market this past Saturday”). The following student must continue the story by making up the next full sentence (for example “He wanted to buy green tomatoes for his sister”). Each of the students, in order, will continue the story, one sentence at a time.

Game Conclusion: When each student has created a sentence.

Examples: The teacher ask student to create a story staring with the sentence: “This afternoon I want to go to the beach with my friend Frank.” Each student builds off the student in front to create a full story.

Tips and Variations:

  • To make it more difficult, ask each student to use one word from the sentence before, in their own sentence.