a Project H Design initiative

Roll The Ball: Art

Created by: Alfonso Díaz & Lorena Félix

Age group: Ages 8 – 12 (Grades 4 – 8, varies according to the difficulty of the questions).

Number of students recommended: 15-25 students

Subjects/skills learned: Contemporary art, fine art, art history

Object of the game: Earn points by rolling the ball to answer questions about art. Students remember contemporary art concepts through questions. The questions will be chosen with the help of the tires and a ball.

Setup: The questions of contemporary art will be hidden in the tires. The level of difficulty of the questions varies according to the row of tires (the closest row are the hardest questions and the most far tires are the easiest).

Game Play: The students are divided into two or more teams and then they are placed in front of the tires. Each team has a turn to roll the ball and try to get it through the tires (as if they were a soccer goal). The last tire where the ball gets through will have the question they must solve. The objective is that the students try to roll the ball and get it through the tires all until the last one (the easiest questions). Each question they answer correctly, they are given a point. If when rolling the ball it doesn’t get through any tire, the team loses its chance.

Game Conclusion: The team that has more points after all the students had rolled the ball (of after a certain number of attempts), wins.

Example: The team rolls the ball and it gets through the hole of a tire in the third row. The teacher takes a question from that tire (moderate level of difficulty) and it’s read to the team.

Tips and variations:

  • Divide the class into more than two teams.
  • Change the closest questions to be the easiest and in the further ones place the most difficult questions, and the team instead of trying to roll the ball to get out their questions, they get the questions for the opposite team. The objective here would be that a team tries to get the most difficult questions for the other team.