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Rockfish River Elementary School

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Project Liaison: Richard Averitt (Part of Something Big)

Construction: Richard Averitt, families and community members

The Story: The Learning Landscape at Rockfish River Elementary School was initiated through a moment of serendipity at the 2009 Pop!Tech conference in Camden, Maine. Project H Design’s founder, Emily Pilloton, spoke at the conference, and after her presentation, was approached by Richard Averitt, co-founder of a unique educational fundraising enterprise called Part of Something Big, based in Nelson County, Virginia. Richard and Emily talked about the possibility of building a Learning Landscape in Nelson County, and exchanged contact info. After ten months, a slew of emails, construction support, and Richard’s recruiting of dedicated volunteers including families, teachers, and students, the Learning Landscape is now complete at Rockfish River Elementary School! We hope to stay in touch with teachers and to work with them on specific game development. Thanks to Richard and all the volunteers who came out to make this playground possible!


The Learning Landscape is a playground framework for elementary learning that teaches core subjects, social skills, and leadership through game play and fun physical activity! The easy-to-build playspace and network of games for multiple subjects can be integrated into any school curriculum to improve student learning capacities.