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Muungano Primary School

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Project Liaison: Krupa Patel, Founder of TEACH (Time to Educate Africa’s Children)

Construction: Krupa Patel, local volunteers and school teachers

The Story: The Learning Landscape was built in the fall of 2010, initiated by Krupa Patel, Founder of TEACH (Time to Educate Africa’s Children). This is one of the first playgrounds painted in such vibrant colors, which add an additional dimension/component to some of the game rules. The playground was constructed by volunteers and is in use by all of the students. In fact, Krupa reports that there is so much demand to use the Learning Landscape that the teachers now have a system to “sign up” for particular class periods.

The Learning Landscape is a playground framework for elementary learning that teaches core subjects, social skills, and leadership through game play and fun physical activity! The easy-to-build playspace and network of games for multiple subjects can be integrated into any school curriculum to improve student learning capacities.