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Kutamba School for AIDS Orphans

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Project Liaison: Amy Wendel, founder and director of Project MEMA

Construction: Amy Wendel, teachers and volunteers from Magereza Nursery School

The Story: Amy Wendel, founder and director of Project MEMA, taught at the Magereza Nursery School in October 2009 and returned to build the Learning Landscape one year later. Project MEMA (Making Education in Moshi Accessible) is a Boston-based non-profit organization which seeks to enrich the lives of children by promoting education and healthy living in Moshi, Tanzania, East Africa (info and Donate here). Magereza Nursery School is located on prison grounds in the Karanga Village on the outskirts of Moshi, Tanzania. Athumani Salumu, Living Kiwelu, and Magereza instructor Vicky Mariki were also instrumental in the coordination and construction of the playground. This is the first nursery school to use the Learning Landscape system!

The Learning Landscape is a playground framework for elementary learning that teaches core subjects, social skills, and leadership through game play and fun physical activity! The easy-to-build playspace and network of games for multiple subjects can be integrated into any school curriculum to improve student learning capacities.